Products We Use

We are as selective about the products we use in our spa as we are committed to providing all of our guests a wonderful experience each and every time they visit. We use highly specialized products many of which can only be found at our spa in Richmond. We seek out the most effective products for each of the services we provide never compromising the well-being of our clients for effectiveness. Our hair removal system for example, is not a wax, but derived from soybeans and only heats up to body temperature making it much gentler. Our clients tell us again and again, it’s this commitment to quality and well-being and not just the “status quo” that keeps them coming back again and again.

Vivant Skincare Products and Yon-ka Paris are two of the most robust skincare lines in use at the spa and products are conveniently available to purchase.

Vivant Skin Care has set the standard for the industry since its launch in 1990. A line inspired by James Fulton, M.D., Ph.D.’s co-development of Retin-A in 1969, Sara Fulton, James’ wife and a noted researcher and formulator herself, created Vivant, a line of skin care products developed to provide transformative solutions for problem skin. Vivant products have been preferred by dermatologists, skin care professionals, and spas for more than two decades and are formulated with care and commitment, using the highest quality ingredients, and manufactured in small batch production in the USA.

Yon-ka Paris, a French skin care line was launched in 1954 in the Multaler Laboratories, by  Cecile, Ernst and Charles Muhlethaler. Pioneers and leaders in aromatherapy, their research led them to a breakthrough discovery “Quintessence”, a unique combination of 5 essential oils from the Mediterranean which became the cornerstone of the Yon-ka skin care line. Yon-ka products maximize results through well-being. They are effective treatments founded in science and respect for the skin, which has made this product line a mainstay for over twenty years.

Whether it’s Vivant, Yon-ka, Finipil, or our infamous Solar Oil by CND, If you have any questions about our products,

please contact us at (804) 740-5665.