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Featuring Yonka and Vivant

Getting a facial means different things to different people. For some it is a relaxing and pampering treat. For others it is a maintenance treatment and a necessary step for keeping their skin beautiful and trouble free. Truly, you can benefit from a facial no matter what condition your skin is in. Like getting regular teeth cleaning, a facial deep cleans your skin. Our treatments also super hydrate your outer layer of skin in a way that relaxes your whole body. All of our facials include a skin analysis, extraction of impacted pores and a hand and arm massage from a licensed esthetician.

Le Grand Classique (Euro) | $98

This is our signature deep pore cleansing and restoring facial. This sumptuous aroma-scented facial is customized for your unique needs and includes a decadent European-style massage of the face, neck and décolleté. If you have never experienced a Face Works’ facial, this is recommended for your first time. 75 minutes.

Gentlemen’s Facial | $98

This is “Le Grand Classique”, slightly modified for the special needs of a man’s skin. (Please note that men are welcome to experience any of our facial treatments.) 75 minutes.

Advanced Optimizer | $115

With a unique combination of plant extracts, rich in redensifying and regenerating peptides, Advanced Optimizer provides a complete, targeted and absolutely innovative anti-aging and firming response to the problem of sagging skin. A "personal trainer" for the skin to restore its highest levels of strength in order to easily defend against aging. 75 min

Flash | $70

Perfect if you need a treatment in between your regular deep-cleansing facials. Skin will be cleansed, exfoliated, pores extracted, and rebalanced. 30 minutes.

Microdermabrasion | $100

Quick, deep exfoliation with a precisely directed blast of fine crystals over your face and neck. This procedure has been dubbed the “lunch break peel” because you get quick results with little or no redness. Recommended especially after summer’s end. 45 minutes.

Age Antidote | $120

This facial starts with advanced microdermabrasion exfoliation to deeply remove the top layers of skin cells, followed by the addition of LED light therapy that rejuvenates in the deepest layers of the dermis. By stimulating your skin’s photoreceptive cells, you can reduce flaws such as redness and capillary dysfunction, age spots, and blemishes. 75 minutes.

Multi-Fruit Acid Peel | $98

This treatment incorporates the therapeutic effects of papaya\bromelain enzymes followed by a glycolic or mandelic peel. This exclusive tandem peel synergistically exfoliates, decongests, and clarifies thicker, oilier skin types while preventing the formation of acne and wrinkles. 45 minutes.

Antioxidant Red Wine Peel | $98

Resveratrol, a red wine extract, is a powerful antioxidant that helps to restore skins in transition, and those experiencing hormonal changes. The process gently exfoliates, removes dead cells, and creates a smooth, taut texture. Like all peels, it focuses on lines, wrinkles and age spots. Excellent for mature skin types. 1 hour. 

Acne Facial | $98

The causes of acne are as varied as the individual. The symptoms however, are universal; blemishes, cysts, and ruddy, uneven skin tone. This facial deeply cleanses the pores while soothing and hydrating infected areas. 60 minutes.

Backne Facial | $85

A purifying treatment for the often neglected back area. Cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction of clogged pores are the main focus of this service. After a healing treatment mask and anti-bacterial hydrator, your back is left scrupulously clean. 50 minutes.

Teen Facial | $70

Designed for teen skin and its challenges, we evaluate your teen's skin and tailor their service to meet their specific needs. The teen facial features our unique skin purifying process with mild, deep pore cleaning and includes an aromatic mask. They will also discuss the proper skin care techniques for your teen's skin type. 45 minutes.

Specialized Skin Therapies

These facials may require a professional recommendation for non-seasoned spa goers. Your esthetician can choose what therapy is right for you.

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Add on Facial Options

Lymphatic Drainage | $12

More Extracton Time | $12

Infared Light Therapy | $18