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Since the beginning of time people have gone to great lengths to maintain bathing rituals for their body. Relax and enjoy ancient cures enhanced with technological breakthroughs.

Stress Relief Detox Wrap | $90

Lavender and sea enzymes are infused in this marine body masque which is designed to firm, remineralize the skin and flush out toxins. The soothing properties of lavender will leave you in a state of balance and tranquility. 70 minutes.

Body Glow Therapies | $85

Lift away dead skin to reveal a satin-smooth body underneath. Choose from Lavender and Calendula, Mango and Mandarin, or Milk and Honey in a salt glow for normal skin, or Micro-buff for sensitive skin. 60 minutes

Eucalyptus Steam | $15

Complimentary in any body treatment; or a 15-minute addition to a massage

Add-on 30-minute Massage | $30

Add a 30-minute massage to any body treatment